COVID World - Chapter 1 - A roadblock to bike racing

The last bike race before we entered LOCKDOWN,

Sunday 15th March 2020. Rydges Hotel at Mt Panorama. Dairy entry:

Dry 9 degree start.
Woke just after 5am.
Rode to start at 7am but still early.
Rode back to Rydges for pee,
Back to start and another pee before joining wave queue. Our wave started around 8.40am.
Small climb out of town had me breathing hard..
Stayed with Mark Harris etc until half way up Mt Panorama then started to drift back. Chris Fowler (and Chris Cairns)went past towards the top and I stayed with ian Lovell. We worked together and joined by Marcus Judge etc. We dropped Ian when I did a hard turn to catch Chris Fowler and Chris Cairns.
Formed a working pack and hauled in Peter Stockwell and his group.
Climbed Rockley at same pace as the rest of the group (not at limit)..
Bigger bunch over hauled dropped riders and got to be a sizable bunch by the time we got to Rockley Village. I stayed at back of the bunch on the return segment. Side and head wind..
Saved legs for the two pinches at either side of Mt Panorama.
Got over the first one after having to pass through the slowing riders. Got onto Chris Fowler wheel. (Marcus had already ridden off the front of the bunch).
Put maximum effort up the University pinch and passed most of our bunch.
Zipped pass slow Mark Graydon at last round-a-bout. But could not haul in Peter Stockwell.

The last race the day before the first COVID lockdown

2020 will be a pivotal year for the world’s inhabitants. How much so will be discovered in the years that will follow.

When Australia went into its lockdown, completely novel experiences eventuated. In my cycling world, our Sunday racing stopped. After a few weeks, I suggested to our club President (Ian Jackson) that I could write a regular article to be published on our club website to keep our members engaged through the lockdown.

Most of the chapters in this COVID World are a reprint of those articles. It will show its age after a few years – and that is the intent.
COVID will be a time that we all will look back on as a pivotal point.

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