The art of reconnaissance is in mapping the territory.

Traversing the worlds front page

This is a MEMOIR.

It is an enduring memoir that will end when the Author dies.

TV movie series like 'Games of Thrones' are built on the backbone of "Seasons and Episodes".

"Worlds and Chapters" form the backbone of this book.

There will always be worlds to explore and connect. In each of those worlds are interesting stories that make up the chapters.

The Author has spent 6 decades living in stories and exploring the worlds in which those stories exist. The fun is in connecting those worlds and travelling between them at will. 

There are a few more decades of stories and worlds to be added in the future.

This will be a growing "Book of GROWTH" .

You will never know what you will read as you return over the next years and decades.

Take your time reading  - because I will be taking my time writing...

Table of Contents

Worlds are all made up

The fun is in connecting the worlds

“Life is a CONSTRUCT”

These are the worlds and chapters that make it all WORTHWHILE



All creations start from a foundation.

The formative years:

  1. We are moving.
  2. What is a name?
  3. Wonders of bridge building
  4. Learning to swim
  5. The Lone Tree in the forest
  6. Smelly memories
  7. The fish under the bridge
  8. Learning to drive
  9. The power of religion
  10. The concept of race
  11. Feelings of a car crash
  12. More

The stability of the foundation determines the heights that one can go


Settling down to a rhythm

Getting to the plateau:

  1. Culture, Countries and Worlds
  2. The fairy tale of LOVE
  3. Who drives the bus?
  4. What determines passion?
  5. What determines passion?

The plateau years are where worlds are built


What is a sport – but an opportunity to play…

Physical challenge is the cornerstone of evolution

  1. My first bicycle ride.
  2. You will always fall off
  3. The beauty of engineering
  4. More Coming


When COVID-19 arrived in 2020, the world flipped…

Crisis brings on the best of lessons

  1. How cycling got hit by COVID.
  2. A life of unintended consequences
  3. Do we live in Space or Time?
  4. More Coming

From the known to the UNKNOWN.

The ever expanding WORLDS

They say that the universe is expanding…

Where will it end?

  1. Are at the beginning or the end?
  2. More coming…

What more is there?

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